What are THIS Staff Awards?

The THIS Staff Awards is a chance for us as an organisation to acknowledge, celebrate and reward the talent and commitment of staff at The Health Informatics Service.

The Nomination period for Staff Awards has now closed

Thank you to all our staff and customers for their nominations in all six categories. We look forward to the Event and will be announcing the winners on our social media channels throughout the afternoon.

Dedication to Customer Service

Our commitment to customer service must be evident in all that we do. It's not what we do that matters any longer but how we do it. In understanding service excellence, we begin to see the benefits, the space that it buys us, the opportunities that it extends and the 'cash in the bank' that it provides. This category aims to commend those that deliver a high level of customer service continuously enabling a synonymous relationship with the products we deliver and enhancing the product on offer.

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Driving Change and Innovation

Nobody knows our job better than us, but how often have we taken a step back and really thought about what business we are in, all the new initiatives/targets that are coming and how we are going to respond? The only certainty is change, how we embrace it, and make it our own. Ideas can challenge the status quo and take us in entirely new directions. Are you aware of an individual or a team that has changed something for the better this year, or made improvement within a service area? Did they develop something that was totally innovative?

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Team of the Year

Are you aware of a team that is continually delivering on its goals? Or a team that is highly effective and motivated? Has that team been involved with projects or services that have delivered real benefits to our customers this year?

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The Leadership Award

This category is aimed at an outstanding and resilient leader who places quality at the heart of everything they do, applies innovation, values partners and partnerships working, actively mentors the next generation of leaders and is tireless in changing the system for the better.

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Employee of the Year Award

Teamwork is the bedrock of effective service delivery. Sometimes it is the contribution of an individual that makes the critical difference between a good service and an outstanding one. This special award is intended to honour just such a person.

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Rising Star Award

A Rising Star is a person who shows that they have that 'something' that will help them progress in the organisation and is aimed at both those who are new to the organisation, showing that they have the skills, attitude and desire to do more, as well as those who have been in the organisation a while and shown great potential in a new area. They may show that they have an aptitude for technical work, leadership roles or organisational skills.

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