THIS Staff Awards 2017

Celebrating outstanding achievement in The Health Informatics Service

Nominations Close Friday, November


Shortlisting Ends Friday, November


Awards Ceremony Friday, December


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What are the 2017 THIS Staff Awards?

We are very pleased to, once again, invite your nominations for the THIS Staff Awards 2017 — a chance to acknowledge, celebrate and reward the talent and commitment of staff at The Health Informatics Service.

Our focus in 2017

One of the highlights of 2017 was seeing our Trust and Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust successfully go live on the new Cerner Millennium Electronic Patient Record (EPR). This had been our main focus for some time but 2018 will see us build on that success, develop the system further with our partners and continue to develop The Health Informatics Service/CHFT as a leading force in Digital Health. There will be plenty going on other than the continued development of EPR, including a transition to a new Radiology PACS and a review of all clinical systems, further development of RoD into existing and new customers, a refresh of our THIS sites and accommodation as well as new developments with Business Intelligence and Knowledge Portal.

We look forward to hearing about the services and projects you have all been involved in, and especially the examples of outstanding individuals and teams that make The Health Informatics Service the success that it is.

Who can make a nomination?

All staff and customers can make nominations for all six categories, so please take your time to read the information on this pages, which explains more about the award categories and how you can be involved. We hope that you will take this opportunity to highlight individuals and teams you feel make a positive difference to our organisation and our customers.

The Categories for 2017

Dedication to Customer Service

Our commitment to customer service must be evident in all that we do. It's not just what we do that matters but also how we do it. The high level of customer service is aligned with a product and evolves as the relationship develops. In understanding service excellence we begin to see the benefits, the space that it buys us and the opportunities it provides.

Driving Change and Innovation

Nobody knows our job better than us, but how often have we taken a step back and really thought about what business we are in, all the new initiatives/targets that are coming and how we are going to respond? The only certainty is change, how we embrace it, and make it our own is up to us. Ideas can challenge the status quo and take us in entirely new directions. Are you aware of an individual or a team that has changed something for the better this year, or made improvement within a service area? Did they develop something that was totally innovative?

Team of the Year

Are you aware of a team that is continually delivering on its goals? Or a team that is highly effective and motivated? Has that team been involved with projects or services that have delivered real benefits to either THIS and or our customers this year?

The Leadership Award

This category is aimed at an outstanding and resilient leader who places quality at the heart of everything they do, applies innovation, values partners and working partnerships, actively mentors the next generation of leaders and is tireless in changing the system for the better.

Rising Star Award

This category is to commend and reward a person who shows they have that 'something' to help them progress in the organisation. The award is aimed at both those who are new to the organisation and are showing that they have the skills, attitude and desire to do more, as well as those who have been with us a while. These people may show they have an aptitude for technical work, leadership roles or organisational skills either within their current role or, following personal development, into another part of THIS.

Employee of the Year

Teamwork is the bedrock of effective Service Delivery; however, sometimes it is the contribution of an individual that makes the critical difference between a good service and an outstanding one. This special award is intended to honour just such a person.

Examples of nominations and scoring

The nomination you submit can only be judged on the evidence you provide. To support your nomination and ensure it has a good chance of being scored highly, you must provide the shortlisters with examples. This evidence could be a specific time when the nominee perfectly met the category description, or a general description of their acheivements showing that they meet the shortlisting criteria.

Below are two examples of the types of nominations we may receive.

A high scoring nomination

This example uses many different examples of what the nominee has done over the past 12 months and how their personality and work ethic contributes to the success of their organisation

She has shown outstanding knowledge and fortitude with the complex and indepth demands made on her by staff at our head quarters.

She does her job with great accuracy and speed regardless of the task. She has also supported our organisation on various projects, utilising her knowledge of our organisation's culture and IT systems, which is invaluble for partnership working.

She has a desire to develop and gain more experience with the technology the organisation is using. Which increases the support she can provide. She has also received a number of personal thanks from us for outstanding service delivery.

A low scoring nomination

This example unfortunately doesnt give any examples of how the nominee has shown themselves to be a great member of the team. Without evidence, the shortlisters cannot score this nomination properly.

Since their arrival a couple of years ago they have been a great member of the team and has contributed to our success.

Would you like to nominate an individual or team for a THIS Staff award?